Our Vision

Human History’s future is a blank slate.  We each have the power to draft the content of that future so that it encompasses our ideals—preserving and revitalizing both the environment and the best aspects of human societies.


Project Galileo represents a systemic process for the economic, cultural, and environmental rejuvenation of depressed and/or environmentally challenged cities, regions, and countries.  We believe that even the poorest areas can be completely transformed into prosperous and productive communities.  Over the last decade, our diverse Management and Innovation Team has developed a blueprint for revitalizing territories, and even whole nations, which is now in the early stages of implementation.


Welcome to our new World, built upon classical foundations, with an eye toward the best of all possible futures.

Our Mission

We set sail in the winds of change to bring about a positive impact through the implementation of a unique and powerful financial engine called Project Galileo to develop and then drive the economies of developing countries such as Georgia, Haiti and The Philippines.


Bringing to life a new breed of financial products and services incorporating morally sound uses of investment funds and profits and completing construction of our 3 cities of science, which are slated to become the worlds most technologically advanced and environmental sustainable metropolises on the planet.

Our Vision

To uplift the human condition by promoting sustainability and environmental preservation, by constructing “the cities of the future” to serve as a model to follow throughout the world while building a contemporary bridge to the glorious past and the innovations of the future.

Launching a new era of hope and economic growth and delivering a sustainable life for The Republic of Georgia, Haiti, the Philippines and to cause a ripple effect which can and will make the world a better place.

The 3 Terrestrial Cities of Science

It was a miracle of rare device … A sunny pleasure dome with caves of ice

— from the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1797)

The Cities of Science will each reflect the history, past and present culture, and anticipated future of each of our 3 Host Countries: the Republics of Georgia, Haiti, and the Philippines. Our Cities, each with 100,000 inhabitants, will spawn a minimum of 25,000 jobs, and will serve as nucleus for the complete economic development and transformation of our Host Countries into modern, thriving nations within the global community.

The Virtual City of Science

The Virtual City will be able to host millions of users, who can explore new forms of social media, share innovations, form intellectual or romantic relationships, and propagate large-scale transactions of commodities, securities, and cash.

The currency that will be exclusively used within our Virtual City of Science, for all transactions, will be Galileo Monetary Units™.

The Economy of our Virtual City of Science will be dynamic, and will include exchanges of raw materials and commodities, manufactured goods, fashion items, high-tech gadgets, rights, licenses, private placement securities, securities listed on our Junior Stock Exchanges, and virtual real estate within our well-designed exploration-friendly urban, suburban, and rural spaces.

The 15 Foundations of Project Galileo

leaving the World better than we found it

The 15 Foundations of Project Galileo (the “Foundations”) were designed to support strategic humanitarian and environmental work within each of our 3 Host Countries (Haiti, Georgia, and the Philippines), and throughout the rest of the World.

Each Foundation will have access to the 300 Technologies of Project Galileo, including numerous sustainable/green technologies.  The 15 Foundations of Project Galileo will be advised by L’Institut, a Consortium Member Organization representing an active, mobile think tank for economic development and cultural and environmental preservation of each of our Host Countries.

Our Tools


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