Infinitum Projects


Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Macau SAR of China
Supported by the: Leisure, Media & Entertainment Fund

Artistic talent, the fuel that drives both the visual and performing arts, is one of the greatest forces and allies of civilization. The Terrestrial Cities of Science will tangibly support artists, architects, craftsmen, and performers, including the imposition of budgetary requirements, to support the generation of good design and artistic embellishments, as a prequalification for the development of all governmental, commercial, and residential infrastructure within each City. A City of Science must also be a “City of the Arts” to be human, and to carry forward the tradition of arts and crafts within each Host Country. The Arts Foundation will cultivate the training of young artists within our Terrestrial Cities, promote quality virtual design within our Virtual City, and solicit the Governments of our Host Countries (Haiti, Georgia, and the Philippines) to establish National Living Treasure Programs, to preserve endangered native arts and crafts, and focus the attention of the World on the value of and achievements of yet unknown masters.