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Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Supported by the: Petroleum Fund

Global climate change is blamed for the increase in intensity of hurricanes, typhoons, and other tropical storms which regularly devastate the Caribbean Region and the Pacific Basin.  The plight of refugees from wars in the Middle East and Africa, and yet unknown disasters which we all must dread, must also give us pause.  Disaster relief efforts are often “too little, too late,” such as in the case of the efforts to feed survivors of Typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas Region of the Philippines.  In the case of Haiti’s earthquake in 2010, urgently needed relief supplies arrived at airports, but did not necessarily reach their intended beneficiaries.  The Disaster Relief Foundation of Project Galileo will make every effort to exercise strong command and control policies, deploy Foundation Personnel and resources efficiently, utilize the transportation assets of the Security Company Group (a Consortium Member Organization), and draw upon emergency volunteers from the 10,000-strong global Staff of the Consortium, so it can react rapidly in the event of environmental and humanitarian crises, and provide maximum benefit to the survivors.  The 12 Funds of Project Galileo, and the remaining 14 Foundations of Project Galileo, when called upon, will be available to support the urgent relief efforts of this Foundation, with money, human resources, and political influence.