Infinitum Projects


Based in: Empire Group’s Regional Headquarters for Europe in Malmö, Sweden
Supporting: The Medical Foundation

Green Energy Generation will be the hallmark of Project Galileo’s 3 Terrestrial Cities of Science, which will be built to have “energy independence,” and which will be producing a surplus of energy, in the form of electricity, to support the power grids of each of our Host Countries. The Green Energy Fund will be investing in generating power from: wind energy; wave energy; solar energy; geothermal energy; waterpower (hydroelectric energy); and high-speed particle energy. Investment targets will include the development of energy-producing infrastructure on properties within or around our Terrestrial Cities of Science, and the acquisition of existing companies with any pre-established green power generation infrastructure. The Green Energy fund will also target companies for investment or acquisition if they possess (or are developing) technologies that represent completely new techniques of sustainably generating energy.