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Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Anaklia, Georgia
Supported by the: City of Science Fund

The Innovation Exchange Foundation will be seminal in designing, founding, and setting the standards for junior stock exchanges, the “Innovation Exchanges,” located within the Financial Districts of each of our 3 Terrestrial City of Science. The Innovation Exchanges will be further conjoined by a Virtual Exchange within the Virtual City of Science, adding liquidity and ease of transacting for non-residents of the Terrestrial Cities. The Innovation Exchanges will be designed to generate equity capital, via junior listings, for SME’s which are formed around the 300 Technologies of Project Galileo, and other technologies or innovations in every economic sector represented within each Terrestrial City of Science (and their Host Countries). Investors into all junior stock listings will be protected with escrow policies concerning raised funds, and other wise and innovative policies to support the success of each newly listed company. The Innovation Exchange Foundation will also be sponsoring the creation of the First Nations Stock Exchange™, in a location to be determined, to generate bond offerings for First Nations’ Governments, and junior stock offerings for native-owned enterprises throughout the World.