Infinitum Projects


Based in: Empire Group’s Regional Headquarters for Europe in Malmö, Sweden
Supported by the: Green Energy Fund

Some of the best, life-saving medical innovations never see the light of day.  Their inventors are slapped with lawsuits (or just threats) by the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Medical Establishment, and the research and practices of the developers of new and revolutionary health preservation and enhancement techniques are suppressed by biased legislation, and well-funded slander campaigns.  Project Galileo’s Medical Foundation will focus firmly on R&D, including ethical stem cell research, and will support the patenting, marketing, and distribution of medical equipment, herbal and traditional medicines, and the codification and dissemination of breakthrough medical practices.  The Cities of Science, and the Medical Foundation, will be so well capitalized that they will not be forced to bend to pressure from the disgraceful corporations who dominate the Health Industry worldwide, suppressing good medicine.  A new era of health is about to begin, with the Medical Foundation as its herald.