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Based in: Empire Group’s Regional Headquarters for Latin America in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Supporting: The Oceanic Foundation

Many of the World’s most important cities and regions were originally developed due to mineral discoveries (the State of California, in the U.S., is the best example). Utilizing our proprietary satellite scanning technology, Project Galileo’s Minerals & Mining Fund will be able to source mineral deposits within countries where poverty currently reigns, and where such discoveries could be structured to provide important social and governmental benefits going forward. The containment, remediation, and elimination of waste from mining sites will be a top priority, setting a global standard for the treatment of hazardous toxins, for which (in our modern world) there is no excuse based on available technology. The cultivation of small-scale mining service companies will also be addressed, so that local entrepreneurs in each of our 3 Host Countries can develop growth companies that attract international investment through our Innovation Exchanges (junior stock exchanges within each City of Science).