Infinitum Projects


Based in: Empire Group’s Regional Headquarters for Latin America in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Supported by the: Minerals & Mining Fund

The Oceanic Foundation will be established in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez (which was referred to by Jacques Cousteau as the “World’s Aquarium”). One of the key tasks of this Foundation will be to generate a genetic record and a database of 3-D images of the World’s sea life, and all other aquatic life forms, commencing with a “scan” of the plants, animals, and fungi of the Sea of Cortez. Similar scans can then be conducted within the seas adjoining the 3 Host Countries of the Terrestrial Cities of Science: the Black Sea (Georgia); the Caribbean Sea (Haiti); and the South China Sea (Philippines), followed by all other bodies of water. This comprehensive survey will eliminate the need for the ongoing preservation of pickled specimens in jars—sadly, our only record today of certain species of fish and other life forms which have now disappeared into extinction.