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Based in: Empire Group’s Regional Headquarters for South China in Hong Kong SAR of China
Supported by the: Precious Metals, FX & Commodities Fund

The World is losing its plant mass by the day. How much can we lose before we imbalance the natural environment permanently? Desertification and environmental devastation is the hallmark of both Easter Island, and Haiti (one of our Host Countries), resulting from centuries of non-sustainable living habits on the part of the inhabitants. The loss of plant life (largely for fuel) compounds the poverty of the present-day islanders, whose population has diminished in the most devastated areas. Original growth forests are a limited commodity, which must be preserved at all cost, and forests which have been destroyed can and should be restored. Project Galileo has the capital, and technology, to back this effort, and the Original Growth Forest Foundation will be busy, indeed, in our Host Countries and in every corner of the World.