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Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Shenzhen, China
Supporting: The Buddhist Foundation

The 300 Technologies of Project Galileo include revolutionary innovations for both the Agriculture and Aquaculture Sectors. Through our Agriculture & Aquaculture Fund, we can use super-oxygenation and ozone technologies to increase sanitary agricultural production in closed environments, including: (a) the generation of enlarged plant mass compared to normal growth, without the use of chemicals; and (b) superior animal growth, without steroids and other dangerous chemicals which are then consumed by end-users (humans or livestock). We can remediate contaminated soil, removing harmful heavy metals and other pollutants, utilizing patented strains of bacteria. We can eliminate diseases from fish and shrimp farms, while increasing yield. Our goal will also be to practice 100% organic and environmentally friendly agro-production. We will be making investments into certified organic farms (and aquaculture facilities), and will treat as a priority the preservation of rare and diverse strains of plants and farm animals, within our three (3) Host Countries and throughout the rest of the World.