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Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Anaklia, Georgia
Supported by the: City of Science Fund

Good universities build cities, and nations, by setting high intellectual standards for their youth, and citizenry.  The University of the City of Science Foundation will be constructing 3 new universities within the planned Terrestrial Cities of Science, and an online university as part of the Virtual City of Science.  This Foundation will be generating educational techniques, and standards, which should rival those of the great universities of the World.  At the same time, it will be innovating new areas of research, and degree programs, such as “Applied History,” and “Digital Economics,” and other important new (or forgotten) subjects.  To draw out the talents of young students of all ages, the University of the City of Science Foundation will be investing in forming scholastic structures and programs, tutoring regimes, and apprenticeships for pre-school students, grade school students, junior high school students, and high school students, which are appropriate to their level of interest, talent, and achievement in diverse subjects and trades.