The Technology Fund of Project Galileo will be providing capital to each of our 300 technologists, either directly (to acquire specific technology licenses), or as an investment into their established companies (purchasing controlling stock positions, or at least material equity positions). Most of these talented innovators have completed the R&D Phase of each separate technology they have developed, so funding is now needed for the commercial exploitation and marketing of each of their inventions. The Technology Fund will have the exclusive first right of refusal to acquire this important reservoir of intellectual property, representing a myriad of technologies with significant global marketing potential.

The Technology Fund will also be directly investing in and conducting international marketing activities for: all of the technologies, and the resulting high-tech products, services, and processes that will be developed by the 300 technologists of the 3 Cities of Science; and the innovations patented by the Savants in partnership with L’Institut and its 3 Chapters.

The main qualities of the investment portfolio of Project Galileo’s Technology Fund will be:

  • substantial long-term growth;
  • establishment of a strong reputation for the innovations represented by Project Galileo within the global investment and technology communities; and
  • transformation of the 3 Cities of Science into global technology hubs that are unparalleled within their respective Global Regions.