The Virtual City of Science

The Virtual City of Science (see will represent a virtual platform for the introduction of innovative architectural designs, engineering studies for high-tech materials, and the creation or duplication of attractive urban and natural environments for exploration by our Citizens. The Terrestrial Cities of Science will be built to accommodate approximately 100,000 inhabitants, but the Virtual City will be able to host millions of users, who can explore new forms of social media, share innovations, form intellectual or romantic relationships, and propagate large-scale transactions of commodities, securities, and cash. Under the strict personal and business standards that will be established for our users, both monetary transactions, and social interaction, should be secure and successful. Abuse of our Code of Conduct, to be agreed to by each Citizen upon obtaining citizenship, may result in fines of GMU’s, or even exile from the Cities of Science. And nobody will want to be exiled, after experiencing the full excitement of Project Galileo’s Virtual City of Science.


The Currency

The currency that will be exclusively used within our Virtual City of Science, for all transactions, will be Galileo Monetary Units™ (“GMU’s”) (see Available financial transactions will include investments into virtual or actual SME’s, and other companies that will be listed on our Innovation Exchanges™, as well as the First Nations Stock Exchange™.

The Layout

The Virtual City of Science will mirror the planned cityscapes of our 3 Terrestrial Cities of Science, and will encompass: (a) a Financial Center, with access to our Junior Stock Exchanges and our Christian Bank Branches, and including an exclusive facility for large-scale commodities and swap transactions using our open chain technology; (b) a Virtual University of the City of Science, accommodating thousands of Students and Faculty Members from around the World, with ancillary virtual schools available to all age groups; (c) a virtual shopping arcade; (d) a sports and entertainment live stream from each of our 3 Terrestrial Cities of Science; (e) a virtual tax-advantaged transaction engine provided by the First Nations Stock Exchange™; (f) a Virtual Medical Center for the dissemination of the proprietary and innovative treatments and medication not generally available to the international public; and (g) government interface (including virtual voting within each City of Science); (h) virtual church services; and (i) musical and social events for each Citizen entering our Virtual City, and enjoying the enhancement of their intellectual and romantic lives. Our Virtual City will incorporate the use of flying drones, robots, and other digitally displayed machines and devices, but only those which reflect actual physical patents and working models. The capabilities of the avatars utilized by each end-user will be drawn from known human abilities.


The Economy

The Economy of our Virtual City of Science will be dynamic, and will include exchanges of raw materials and commodities, manufactured goods, fashion items, high-tech gadgets, rights, licenses, private placement securities, securities listed on our Junior Stock Exchanges, and virtual real estate within our well-designed exploration-friendly urban, suburban, and rural spaces. The exclusive use of GMU’s, which will be mirrored within our 3 Terrestrial Cities of Science, will facilitate the rapidity, efficiency, security, and confidentiality of movements of both small and large amounts of capital, resources, and commodities. Our secure transaction infrastructure will also assist the 15 Foundations of Project Galileo in transmitting needed funds and supplies to their Expediters, who will be working on-site in all critical areas of the World these resources will need to be deployed. The 15 Funds of Project Galileo will also be benefitting from our secure open-chain technology for transactions of every description, including rapid transfers of large quantities of capital.

Virtual L’Institut

A Virtual Chapter of L’Institut des Sciences et Arts, known as “L’Institut” (see will be established within the Virtual City of Science. With its (physical) Mother Chapter located in Paris, France, L’Institut will be using the Virtual City to link the Savants from its Parisian Headquarters with the Savants of its global Chapters (within each City of Science), forming conversation groups related to the arts, sciences, education, technology, engineering, architecture, economics, and all other subjects of interest. In addition, the “Society of Virtual Savants™” will be developed, drawing upon the Citizens of our Virtual City who are able to qualify for membership in this most exclusive Organization, so that the intellectual community of L’Institut can be more widely and rapidly expanded. The combined Chapters of L’Institut, plus the Members of the Society of Virtual Savants™, will form a cooperative series of intellectual hubs, for the exchange of ideas, new technologies, and innovations of every description to enhance the beauty, intellectual climate, technological relevance, economic efficiency, and cultural value of the Virtual City of Science.

The Virtual City of Science will be a showcase for the imagination of our technologists and innovators of all ages. Isolated persons of talent will find, within our Virtual Walls, a community of supportive and creative minds, and will be able to thrive, and obtain life-changing information, personal relationships, and qualified mentors in every field of learning and human achievement.